Enlightenment Gift Box

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This festive season, let's make gifting all about helping each other find better versions of ourselves. KENSHŌ brings you the Enlightenment Gift Box! A gift like none other!

Give your loved ones a glimpse of a calm, focused, and stress-free lifestyle.


The Enlightenment gift box is a mindfully curated set of:

1 Bottle of Kenshō Elevate - Botanical Nootropic Blend

1 Set of Kenshō Chakra Healing Crystals

1 Hand Poured Luxury Desert Sage Cleansing Candle


A thoughtful gift for the holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul.

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Apart from an increase in focus, heightened awareness, and upliftment of mood, Elevate has also shown to help attain a calmer and more stable mindset and also helps combat stress. Consuming Elevate before a meditation or yoga session can help you feel more grounded and attain more control over your thoughts; you can concentrate and get one step closer to 'Sama' - a balanced state of mind

Chakra Healing Crystals

Healing stones or crystals have been used for thousands of years, with ancient people using them for magical and spiritual powers. Crystals are believed to hold vibrational energy and to transmit this energy to you and balance your emotional, physical, and spiritual energies

Desert Sage Cleansing Candle

For thousands of years, people have burned dried sage to bring positive energy and vibes to a new home, or during meditation. The word “sage” stems from the Latin word “Salvia” which means “To heal”. Whether you burn sage before practicing yoga or meditation for its sweet, woody fragrance, or waft an aromatic trail throughout your home to ward off negative energy, you’re engaging in an act of spiritual communion rich with history.