What are Nootropics?

What are Nootropics?

Anybody, irrespective of their age group, would be attracted to the idea of boosting their brainpower.

Do you agree?

You could be a student preparing to ace the exams, a rookie preparing for the next interview, a busy professional toiling diligently to outperform and climb the next rung, an entrepreneur constantly seeking the next big innovation, or an older adult concerned about your failing cognitive powers.

Now there is something out there that can give you superpowers?

A unique class of supplements called Nootropics that help boost your mental capacity.

So what are Nootropics?

The word ‘nootropic’ is formed from two Greek words, Nous (meaning mind) and Trepein (meaning to bend), when joined, nootropics mean ‘to bend or mould the mind’.

Nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers or smart drugs are natural and synthetic compounds that help in augmenting concentration, memory, creativity, motivation, and even executive function.

Nootropics are not new to the world. They have been used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 3000 years now. Although they aren’t intended to cure any serious disease or health issues however, they do provide synergistic support for optimal brain and body functions.

Fun Fact: Caffeine, Omega 3 fatty acids, and even creatine are categorised as nootropics.

What makes a Good Nootropic?

Well, as a matter of fact, everything has a good and a bad side. Nootropics are no exceptions.

There are good nootropics and bad nootropics or rather, not-so-good nootropics. So, how do you figure which nootropic is good for you.

A good nootropic:

  1. Builds up over time
  2. Is not a stimulant but a subtle anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)
  3. Modulates stress hormones leaving you more relaxed but not sedated
  4. Provides a sustained mental boost
  5. Provides the essential nutrients for cell growth and repair (Neurogenesis)
  6. Improves memory by clearing signalling pathways in the brain
  7. Develops consistent clarity of thought even under adverse conditions

A nootropic blend is designed to enhance your mind-body communication due to which you can perceive significant changes in your state of mind. Some of the changes are mentioned below:



Power to learn and retain new information


Long term memory

Social Anxiety

Retrieval of information 


Productivity by modulating mood stress and motivation

Brain Fog

Verbal fluency (fluid word recall from long and short term memory)

Cognitive decline

Critical  thinking

Fear stimulated reactions (Fight or Flight)

Quality of sleep


However, there is something very important that you must know before embarking on your journey to discover your true potential. Taking nootropics alone cannot help you in achieving an enhanced state of mind. Nootropics need a little effort from your side as well to take you on the Holistic path and deliver all the desired effects. Let us see the little steps you can take to unlock your true potential.

  1. Eat: Your body requires well-balanced nutrition at regular intervals to function properly. Give your body the right nutrition and keep your metabolism on its toes.
  1. Sleep: going to bed on time and getting a 6-8 hour sound sleep is essential for optimal physical and mental function the next day. The brain will not be able to go into "Sleep Mode" unless there is melatonin secreted. Physically, your body does not release melatonin after 12 midnight. Follow your natural circadian rhythm, dim the lights down at least 15 minutes before getting into bed, keep all screens off (blue light is a sleep killer), get into bed before the cinderella hour and wake up refreshed and conquer the next day.
  1. Exercise: To keep the circulation on, you must exercise. Lift weights, take a walk, run, do yoga. Keeping yourself physically active is therapeutic and will do wonders for your body and mental state. You could go one step extra and play games that help in enhancing cognition. Strategic board games are extremely helpful in cognitive enhancement. Try playing some Chess, Soduko, Sequence, Backgammon, etc and see for yourself.
  1. Patience: Every good thing in life comes with time. you must be patient in order to experience the boost

If any person taking nootropics is not following any one of the above, it would affect the overall effect of nootropic. So, eat, sleep, exercise, repeat!

A good supplement to start this journey with is -- Kenshō ELEVATE, a botanical nootropic blend that enhances productivity, helps combat stress and reduces anxiety - all while supporting long term brain health.

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