Botanical Nootropic Blend

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Elevate your natural mental state with a nootropic blend of Alpha GPC, Brahmi, Ginkgo, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine and B-Vitamins.

Focus, Calmness and Mental Clarity like you've never experienced before.

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Calmer Mind.
Clarity of Thought.
Effortless Focus.
Reduced Brain Fog.
Stress resilience.
Faster Memory Recall.
Verbal Fluency.
Natural Energy.
Healthy Ageing of the brain.
Elevate Your Mind Today.

High Absorption

The cheek and area under the tongue have many capillaries (tiny blood vessels). There, the supplement can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without going through your digestive system. This way we can achieve higher efficacy at lower doses.

Easy to Consume

Drinking the liquid is effortless as compared to taking multiple capsules through the day. Each dose of ELEVATE being 1-2ml, most of the active ingredients are absorbed in the mouth itself, barely a tiny gulp. Plus even with the herbs, it tastes great!

Convenient to Use

The mist spray makes ELEVATE easier to handle compared to other encapsulated or powder supplements. It is mess free, hassle free and easy to use on the go.

Power up anytime, anywhere!

6 - 12 puffs under the tongue.

Thats all it takes to become a better version of yourself.

What our customers have to say

My Experience with Elevate has been positive. Although I am experimental with my supplements, Elevate is the first nootropic I tried. I was extremely impressed with their ingredient list, which is what urged me to try it. It is the first nootropic of its kind, formulated to help me fight my brain fog and mental fatigue. Not only does it help me function well, but It also helps me focus and stay calm while going through my day.

Varuna Iyer

I was looking for a product that provides better alertness than caffeine without the side effects which come in forms of fatigue few hours later.

Elevate definitely helps to focus on work for a longer period. Its effect can be felt in terms of reducing the attention to distractions while focusing on a work.

Ujwal Shankar

I have been using Elevate for 3 months now. Not only do I feel a short term benefit in terms of focus at work but also a general feeling of upliftment in clarity in thought process. I usually take 12 sprays a day and it keeps me calm and focussed at least for the next 4-5 hours. A must try!

Adit Chhabra | Founder & CEO - Wobot Intelligence

When I started to take this product I felt I could concentrate and felt more energetic and alert. I also gave it to my aunt who is 85 years old and I saw that she was struggling with having enough energy to get through the day and she also felt instantly energized and was able to go about her day with lots of activities which she would have opted out of normally.

Mona Gandy

I tried out Kensho last year and found it to be a great product when it came to enhance my cognitive flow state. For someone like me who avoids caffeine due the extreme jitters and just needs a boost this has been a great solution with no side effects. This won't zonk you into a focused state like many nootropics which I avoid but it has a smooth push which you almost don't realise you have until someone points out the positive difference in either your attitude or work quality. It's been an amazing product for days where the mornings are just hazy or for that last call of the night where you need a little energy in your voice without sounding too high on coffee. It's kept me sharp on much needed occasions and though I don't use it daily I do recommend it for anyone who needs that extra push on certain days

Joshua Bahirvani

I have been coping with ADHD since a while and refuse to be on any sort of medication for it. I have realised that whenever I'm cooking I'm at my mental best. Whenever I need to be in a sit down session or a meeting, I use Elevate and find my alertness and concentration is far superior.
The product is a definite mood enhancer as well.

Meherwan Bawa | Charcutier, Co-Founder & CEO - Artisan Meats

I’ve always had a very short temper, very little patience, and always in a rush. These things were always a part of my nature, and my stressful work aggravated the situation further. I was introduced to Elevate, after a few weeks I realised I was able to control myself, I felt I had a clear stream line of thinking, and reasoning. With reasoning I was able to take calm decisions. I am happier with myself.

Ameet Sahny | Founder - Kabir BVBA

I typically have trouble remembering little things like where I put my keys, or to bring something with me when I leave the house, and have definitely seen an improvement since starting this supplement. I play a game of chess before starting my work day. I have been keeping an eye on my stats and after about two weeks of taking elevate, my win rate has gone up, and I am making moves quicker than before. 

Sharad Rai | Mycologist, Founder & CEO - Azoth Biotech

I started using Elevate recently. While studying for exams i had trouble concentrating. This really helped me stay focussed for longer durations. I could sit and study for without getting distracted easily. I could remember things better. I recommend this for anyone who has trouble studying for long durations.

Mallika Prakash | Commerce Student

I get distracted very easily and usually procrastinate on emails and some essential tasks. Meditation has helped me but I haven't been very regular since that also required me to stay focused. I started using Elevate and saw myself getting better at finishing my work. My focus has improved a lot and I am able to meditate better.
It is making me a high performance version of me!

Abhinav Das | Founder & CEO - Orangewood Labs Inc

Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals

Skyrocket Your Productivity. Cope With Stress. Get The Job Done.


Improve Focus and Attention Span. Better Memory Recall. Ace That Test.

Yoga/ Meditation Enthusiasts

Enhanced concentration. Wakeful Relaxation. Find Zen.

Natural Athletes

Enhanced Motivation, Drive, Focus and Mind Muscle Connection.

Young Ladies
Perimenopausal Ladies

Cope With PMS. Enhance Mood. Fight Mental Fatigue. Cope With Mental Aspect of Ageing.

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We use only premium quality and standardised botanicals, sourced from reputed Indian suppliers. Each product is carefully researched and backed by highly accredited studies to ensure you get the most refined and consistent results.